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Real Moments Intro | True Value #Shorts

Real Moments Intro | True Value #Shorts

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As: Director - I worked with the client to conceptualize, storyboard and produce a series of three Streaming Television & Social Media Commercials.


Good For You - as Director of Photography/Producer
In Pre-Production

Good For You - Television/Digital Pilot
Director: Lauren Reinhard
Writer-Creator: Adam Newborn
Stars: Adam Newborn, Zak Corrigan, Julius Powell, Kaitlyn Murray, Roger Yeh

Follows the ever-hopeful and always-awkward Adam and his best friends/codependent life partners. "Good For You" is sharp, sexy, and silly with a cast to put on your stilettos and stomp the runway for.

Metro Lexus - Sisters
as Director
March 2017 - Currently Airing

Metro Lexus Sisters - TV Commercial
Ad Agency: Donavan Green DGtwo
Director: Michael Schmidt
Writer: Michael Donavan
Stars: Amy Bursor, Janel Kiloski

Two sisters pull up next to each other on a highway on-ramp, and compliment each others Lexus SUV's, which they each purchased from Metro Lexus Dealership's in two different cities in Ohio.

Money - as 1st AC / Key PA and Post Production Assistant
August - October 2016

Money - Feature Film
Director: Martin Rosete
Writer: Josep Cuitat
Stars: Jesse Williams, Kellen Lutz, Jamie Bamber, Jess Weixler, Lucia Guerrero

Two wealthy businessmen are about to get away with $5 million in ill-gotten money until their plans are revealed by an uninvited house guest.

Ranting & Raving - as Script Supervisor & Original Music Producer
In Post Production

Ranting & Raving - Television Pilot
Director: Jay Zellman
Writer: Jay Zellman
Stars: Patrick Avella, Callie Elizabeth Moore, David Perez-Ribada, Jessica Howell, Erik Zellman

A husband and wife at odds in their own marriage are surprised when their "Good Friends" ask them to be the guardian of their son in the event of their deaths.

BMW Grand Master - as First Assistant Director
April 2017 - Streaming

BMW - Grandmaster - Branded Content
Director: Kyle Dole
Agency's Competition BMW & Morey Publishing
Stars: Johannes Ansgaar, Erin Haggerty

When a young girl unearths a clue about her grandfather’s mysterious past it leads to a spontaneous road trip and the meaning behind lessons taught to us by the quietest generation.

Prestige Motors - Experience
as Director/Writer/Producer
2014 - 2016 TV Commercials

Prestige Motors Mercedes Benz - Series of TV Commercials
Director: Michael Schmidt
Writer: Michael Donavan & Michael Schmidt
Stars: Josie Miller, Heather O'Scanlon

In collaboration with Donavan Green DGtwo and Prestige Motors Mercedes Benz, we wrote and produced 7 Television commercials which aired to over 30 million households on the CBS Broadcast Network during National Sporting Events and Television Programs.



2014 - 2016 Four Telly Awards - for Prestige Motors Mercedes Benz Commercials




Money has won 15 Awards at Film Festivals World-Wide.
Best Feature, Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking, & More

Telly Awards



Ditty Doodle Works - Aired on National Public Television received over 10 Telly Awards in 2 Seasons

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